General Instruction & Prohibited Items

Passengers are advised to reach the airport at least 2.5 hours prior to their flight departure.

The check-in hall is located on the second floor of the airport.

Pack your baggage according to security guidelines.

Refer to the Flight Information Display Screens for your airline's check-in counter information.

Get your travel documents ready (valid passport, air ticket or booking confirmation, and visa if applicable)

Check that you are issued with the correct boarding passes before leaving the check-in counter and drop your checked baggage, if any.


Note: This is just the general concept for your reference of dangerous goods and prohibited items, each Carrier may have different regulations on this. To be more certain, please refer to your Airlines carrier.



Carried on Board

Checked bag









Toiletries or medical items in liquid, spray, or gel form


(Only passengers on international flights allowed to carry liquids in containers smaller than 100 placed in sealable clear plastic bag under 1ℓ (20.5cm*20.5cm/15cm*25cm) (1 bag per person)



(Only passengers on international flights allowed to check liquids in containers smaller than 500ml(0.5kg) with total liquid items up to 2L(2kg))



All food items with liquid and pepper paste

(Food items with liquid such as pepper paste are prohibited on flight. Dry foods are allowed on board.)


Not Allow

(No restriction on amount)








Hazardous Items

Sharp objects



Not Allow

(Exception: plastic knife, butter knife with a round edge, shaver with safety blade, electric shaver, and airline-use knives (provided by the airline) can be carried on board.



Tools (hammer, wrench, etc.)


Not Allow


Not Allow







Hazardous items

Lithium batteries, etc.

Portable battery under 100Wh : Portable battery under 100Wh

- Portable battery over 100Wh, under 160Wh : 2 per person

- Portable battery over 160Wh : Not allowed on board

The above standard is based on Korean Air regulations. Check with your own airlines for accurate information.











Not Allow

gas/liquid, radioactive matter, etc.



Not Allow