With the history of over 40 years, Cam Ranh International Airport has witnessed changes of Nha Trang city, Cam Ranh city and Khanh Hoa province. Have a closer look at every little step that made Cam Ranh International Airport today.


The new International Terminal (also known as T2) of Cam Ranh Airport, is officially put into operation with total investment capital of 3,735 billion VND. This increases the airport’s capacity to 8 million passengers a year by 2030, and 4000 passengers at rush hours.


The number of passengers at Cam Ranh International airport increased rapidly thus caused overload. This led to the need of a new terminal. In order to enhance the capacity of the airport and ensure the security, Khanh Hoa Province’s People’s Committee launched the project “The new International Terminal (T2) - Cam Ranh International Airport”.


Cam Ranh International Airport was officially launched. With the operation of the newest & modern airport terminal in the Central region, Cam Ranh airport officially became the 3rd international airport in the region and welcomed the first flight by the airline Silk Air Singapore implement direct flights from Singapore to Vietnam.


The Government decided to upgrade Cam Ranh airport to Cam Ranh International airport and invested modern equipment, advanced aviation technology in order to meet the high standards of the aviation industry .


After major reconstruction, Cam Ranh airport began the first civilian flight from Hanoi, as an alternative for Nha Trang airport which is under limit of area and safety. Cam Ranh Airport has always been crowded for its important strategic location in terms of military and near the top tourist cities of Central Vietnam.


Cam Ranh Airport was used by the Soviet and then Russian Air Force because of a 25-year rent-free leasing treaty.

1972- 1975

Cam Ranh Airport was built by the United States Navy during the Vietnam War, and operated by the United States Air Force for military purposes as Cam Ranh Air Base. After the Paris Peace Accords were signed , Cam Ranh Airport was handed over to the South Vietnamese government after being arranged by the United States Air Force. After 1975, Cam Ranh Airport was still in operation for military purpose.

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