R&B Tea

One of the most famous Taiwanese tea is R&B TEA. Customers will be impressed by the distinctive flavor of drink.

Costa Coffee

Hand-making a cup of coffee is an art form. It takes time and skill to perfect. That's why every single barista, in every single Costa store is professionally trained in the art of coffee by our...

Crystal Jade Kitchen

Nourish your soul with the heart-warming flavors of Crystal Jade Kitchen. All your Cantonese favorites lovingly prepared by our stellar team of chefs.

Big Bowl

Strategically located at the check-in area of Terminal 2, Big Bowl features an open plan concept which creates a lively atmosphere and experience, reminiscent of Vietnam’s bustling street food...

Espresso To Go

Are you in a hurry? Only time for a coffee or maybe a little something extra? Espresso to Go features a full variety of convenience based options for the traveler on the move, from delicious fresh...

Lucky Cafe

In order to help customers satisfy the needs for dining as well as save time, the chain stores of LUCKY CAFÉ & FASTFOOD under Taseco Danang Air Services Joint Stock Company are progressively...

CIAS Vietnamese Fast Food & Drinks

Keeping customers in mind, the restaurant & café system of Cam Ranh Int’l Airport Services Joint Stock Company (CIAS) under the brand name “Yen” (at airports in Vietnam) always pursues higher...

Burger King

When you want tasty and quick food, come to Burger King. Our most famous product is the Whopper hamburger, which has been made with the same recipe since 1957. The Whopper has a flame-grilled beef...

Puro Gusto

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Men’s Gallery

Men’s Gallery is high-class multi-brand store for successful gentlemen, a convergence of luxury fashion brands: Bally, Tumi, Paul & Shark. Stepping into the space of Men’s Gallery, gentlemen will...


Discover the largest Lotte Duty Free Stores at Cam Ranh New International Terminal among 100 favorite outstanding brands such as : Dior, Hermes, Y.S.L, Giorgio Armani, Victoria's Secret, and so on.

Viet House

With wide range of Vietnamese traditional specialties, Viet House store has been a new favorite stop of tourists around the World coming to Nha Trang city. The store in 2 colors white & yellow offers...

Vietnam’s Delight

With variety range of products and quality, Viet Nam's Delights has been and will be an attractive destination for international tourists who love the true value and essence of Vietnamese specialties....

19 Islands

19 island store impresses tourists with ship-shaped design with the name of 19 islands, the whole interior design is in blue and white which brings the peaceful feeling to visitors while shopping.

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