Celebrating the 1st Anniversary of Cam Ranh Terminal 2

15 June 2019

Terminal 2, the International Terminal at Cam Ranh Airport, celebrates its 1st Anniversary of Operations since its opening on 30 June 2018. Invested by a consortium of Vietnam’s leading companies making up Cam Ranh International Terminal (CRTC) JSC, and designed to Skytrax 4-Star international standards, this architectural infrastructure is the pride of Khanh Hoa Province.

Since July last year, 5.38 million passengers have travelled through Terminal 2, positioning it as a centrepiece and the main tourism gateway into the Province. It is projected to handle a total of 5.88 million passengers in the first twelve months of operations, capping a 26% increase compared to the previous 12-month period. Also, within the first twelve months of operations, Terminal 2 welcomed Okay Airways, S7 Airlines, Globus Airlines, Bangkok Airways, Eastar Jet, T’Way Air and Thai Air Asia as the latest airline partners into the family of 29 international airlines serving Cam Ranh Airport today. Together with Vietnam-based carriers, Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air and JetStar Pacific, the 29 international airlines provide coverage to over 80 international destinations on both scheduled and charter services. Two new countries, namely Thailand and Taiwan, are added to the expanding route network so far this year.

In terms of notable achievements, Cam Ranh Airport was honoured to receive industry recognition as Top 5 for Routes Marketing in its category for its route development efforts. Terminal 2’s building architecture has been awarded one of Vietnam Association of Architects’ Silver Prizes for the National Architecture Award in the category Outstanding Architecture designed by a Foreign Architect. On the same occasion, this architectural marvel was also voted the Community’s Favourite Architectural Works via public ballot. And earlier this year, Terminal 2 also came up as 2nd Best for (International) Passenger Satisfaction in a survey organized by the Aviation Authority in Vietnam.

The 1st Anniversary celebrations is themed ‘As One’. ‘One’ signifies the 1st Anniversary of Terminal 2, while ‘Number One’ sets the target to achieve the best among airport terminals in Vietnam. The unifying theme ‘As One’ communicates the collaboration and togetherness of the various stakeholders in Terminal 2, serving the common good of the travelling public.

Several weeks of activities are in place in conjunction with the 1st Anniversary. The 1st Annual CRTC Football Tournament for Airport Staff, and a Photo Competition open to the general public are among the activities planned. Passengers travelling on the day of the Anniversary are also treated to a limited edition Baggage Tag. As Terminal 2’s Facebook page approaches the magical 10,000 likes, there will also be tokens of appreciation for the 10,000th Fan. All in the spirit ‘As One’.

Complementing the activities of the 1st Anniversary, this year, Visit Vietnam Year 2019, hosted by Khanh Hoa Province also sees several festivals and events planned, such as the 2019 Vibes of the Sea Khanh Hoa Beach Festival and the Challenge Vietnam triathlon. Terminal 2 and CRTC is proud to participate in Khanh Hoa’s growth and development.

“On this joyous occasion, CRTC conveys its deepest thanks to all State Agencies, Airlines, Airport Partners and Tenants in making a memorable first year of operations. We owe our gratitude to all nearly-6-million passengers for choosing Cam Ranh Terminal 2 as part of your journey. This is indeed a significant milestone in the history of Khanh Hoa Province. Moving forward will be another challenging, but exciting year. As we anticipate more tourists arriving via Terminal 2, CRTC shall embark on enhancing our infrastructure and equipment. There will be more check-in counters, more baggage belts and more security screening equipment added to ensure efficient handling of passengers and baggage. We are looking forward to serving our communities with the same high standards that is expected of our organization,” as expressed by the CRTC Management Board.

Happy 1st Anniversary Terminal 2 !!